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We supply brands for the following :
Siemens PLC: S5,S7-300 , S7-200 , S7-400 , Siemens Inverters: MM420/MM430/MM440,  Simatic  HMI...We are very stronger on S7-200, S7-300, HMI, MM420, MM430, MM440, Logo! - Good price & Big stock.    Allen-Bradley PLC HMI Inverter and software 
 Mitsubishi Inverter,  Mitsubishi PLC, Mitsubishi GOT, Mitsubishi AC Servo, Mitsubishi LVS...
Best price of  A Series,Q Series,FX-PLC, FR-A740, FR-F740, FR-E740 .
     Rockwell software

 Schneider PLC / Schneider HMI, Schnider LVS...

  GP-2000 Series,GP300 Series,ST3000 Series,ST3000W Series Pro-face HMI, Proface Interface /Pro-Face HMI best price...

    Yaskawa Inverter,  Yaskawa AC Servo...

ABB PLC and ACS 800 inverter     Danfoss inverter

 Inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, magnetic sensors, position sensors     KWYENCE PLC
 Encoder Sensor     Cylinders and valves

 FUJI Inverter Power Module and FUJI Servo Systems

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