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SYSMAC CPM1A-V1 series for small devices, the small points of distribution box space-saving economy, micro-PLC standard models, minicomputer, encompassing a CPU for the AC power supply, DC power supply, relay output, transistor output 4 kinds of different models. Power supply, the output I / O points, etc. choose to use as needed.
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CPM1A CPM2A PLC--Best price from DEAO Electric.High-speed counter can easily measure high speed processing of parts.Sync pulse control to facilitate adjustment of the pulse ratio.With high-speed scanning and high-speed, high-speed interrupt processing.
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OMRON Industrial Encoder Absolute Encoders Incremental-oriented industries Industrial

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CJ1M programmable controller is a small, flexible, modular & high-speed PLC. Suitable for the occasion requires precise machine control. Of its non-floor structure can be effectively installed in the control cabinet, reliable & efficient controlling the efficiency of the machine can play in the extreme to, maximize investment returns.
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The CJ2 is the result of years of experience as market leader in the field of modular controllers and represents a logical next step in controller design. It offers greater performance and faster I/O response as well as extreme scalability - so you will only need one family. In addition, programming, debugging and networking are faster and easier.
Welcome to the new CJ2 Family: built to give you innovation without growing pains.

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Easy positioning transducer unique functional coverage of small-scale machine control needs of the largest 160-point I / O scalability maximum program capacity of 10k steps, the maximum data capacity of 32k words pulse output 100kHz 〜 2-axis, high-speed
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CPM2AH Programmable Logic Controller High-speed counter can easily measure high speed processing of parts.Enhanced scalability, the largest to 12ch of analog.Bring high-speed scanning and high-speed interrupt the high-speed processing. Can be easily programmable procedure with OMRON terminal (PT) connected to the machine operator to provide a visual interface.
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• CX-One integrates OMRONs PLC and the Components of the support software, providing a based on the CPS (Component and Network Profile Sheet) integrated development environment. • IO tables in the CPU Bus Unit set up and special units, do not need to manually configure and differentiate Address • CX-One software, CPU Bus unit and special unit set up online and the actual PLC-CPU Bus unit and special unit set up to compare, and the marked lack of conformity. • can graphically display the network structure

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