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small, simple but flexible Allen-Bradley Pico controller provides a simple logic, timing, counting and real-time clock operation. To enhance performance, Pico GFX increase in the use of graphic images to provide high-level programming features: such as PID control, high-speed counter, as well as the bit sequence. Pico is the alternative to relays are ideal for applications, suitable for simple control applications, such as buildings, HVAC, parking lot lighting as well as some very strict requirements on the cost of the occasion. Controller easy-to-use Pico. All programming and data adjustments can be adopted by the panel keyboard and
display to complete, or the use of Allen-Bradleys PicoSoft and PicoSoft Pro configuration software to complete.

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The ControlLogix system provides discrete, drives, motion, process, and safety control together with communication and state-of-the-art I/O in a small, cost-competitive package. The system is modular, so you can design, build, and modify it efficiently - with significant savings in training and engineering.
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MicroLogix family of products offer three different levels of programmable controllers, namely:MicroLogix1000, MicroLogix1200, MicroLogix1500. MicroLogix1000 compact, full-featured, is an ideal choice for small-scale control systems; MicroLogix1200 be able to space-constrained environment, to provide users with powerful control functions to meet the needs of different application projects; MicroLogix1500 is not only functional, but also the needs of the project depending on the application for flexible expansion for applications that require high control system.
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The family of CompactLogix controllers can provide: high functionality in an economical platform rackless I/O for flexible installation packaged controller forms to lower costs and simplify configuration analog, digital and specialty modules that cover a wide range of applications advanced system connectivity to EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, and DeviceNet Networks truly integrated motion control capability
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SLC 500 series PLC, models mostly 1746,1747 starts. Belonging to medium-sized PLC system is widely used. Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC is a medium-sized rack-based control system, by the controller, discrete modules, analog input and special output modules modules,and peripheral devices. SLC 500 series are powerful, flexible configuration and can provide a wide range of communication configurations, characteristics, and memory options. RSLOGIX 500 ladder logic programming package provides a flexible editor, click-typed of input and output configurations, powerful database editor, also with the diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to help you save time and maximize the project development efficiency.
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At the center of thousands of Allen-Bradley control solutions around the globe, youll find a PLC-5 controller. The chassis-based, modular family of PLC-5 programmable controllers offers you flexibility in programming, networking, I/O and choice of controllers to match your exact requirements. Well-suited for many diverse applications, the PLC-5 controller brings together existing and future systems by means of networks such as EtherNetp/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet, and offers connectivity amoung MicroLogix, SLC 500, and ControlLogix controllers. With the flexibility to grow with your needs without your having to sacrifice capital on training investments, the PLC-5 controllers will continue to maintain their value in the years ahead.
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ControlLoigx PLC is a new high-end PLC control system. Allen-Bradley Logix platform for discrete volume control, motion control, process control, drive, security control provides a single integrated control structure. Logix platforms provide a common control engine, programming software environment across multiple hardware platforms, communications support. All the Logix controller in a support multi-tasking, multi-
operating system run under the process of dealing with different language versions of forms of support to the same set of instruction set.

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Each FlexLogix system provides a programmable controller, can achieve multiple purposes.Input and output modules can be placed in the vicinity of sensors and actuators. If there is distributed processing requirements, you can network multiple FlexLogix controller. FlexLogix with a Logix control engine, a FlexLogix controller supports the Logix instruction set, task model, and the data model. FlexLogix controllers and other Logix controllers share a common programming methods and configuration of input and
output modules of the way, have adopted RSLogix5000 programming software. A simple FlexLogix system contains a controller and a maximum of eight input and output modules. FlexLogix in more complex systems, multiple controllers can be used for networking. You can also input and output in different link.

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CompactLogix PLC to provide for low-to medium-sized applications, Logix solution. Typical applications include device-level control applications (only require a limited amount of input and output as well as limited communication requirements). Compactlogix 1769-L31 provides two serial communication interface. 1769-L32C and 1769-L35CR controller provides an integrated ControlNet communication port. 1769-L32E and 1769-L35E
to provide an integrated Ethernet interface. CompactLogix PLC system support: from the center CompactLogix controller via EtherNet / IP, control network equipment network to remotely control the input-output and field equipment, distributed control to achieve in different locations.

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